107 N. 2nd Street
Douglas, Wyoming

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Jills Dance Studio located in Douglas, WY



Douglas, WY
(307) 296-9555

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Dress Code

It is extremely important to follow the studio's dress code when attending dance classes. Just like other sports, dancers need to be well-prepared for them to have the tools to advance in their dance training.  

L I G H T  P I N K

Light Pink Leotard and skirt or dance dress, light pink tights and light pink ballet shoes.

  • Baby Ballet
  • Ballet for Ages 6-7

B A B Y  B L U E

Baby Blue Leotard and skirt or dance dress, tan tights, and light pink ballet shoes.

  • Ballet for Ages 8-9


Black leotard and skirt or dance dress, tan tights.  FOR PRE-POINTE: light pink ballet shoes.  FOR POINTE: Pointe shoes.  FOR LITTLE MUSICAL THEATRE: tan slip-on jazz shoes.  FOR COMPANY:  All black clothing and Hip-Hop Sneakers, lyrical shoes.

  • Ballet for Ages 10+
  • Little Musical Theatre

Black dance dress, tan tights, tan jazz shoes and cross strap black tap shoes.

H O T  P I N K

Hot pink dance dress and tan tights, tan jazz shoe and cross strap black tap shoes.

  • Twinkle Stars

M U L T I C O L O R  

Leotard, any style or unitard. FOR ACRO: lyrical shoes.

  • Tiny Acro
  • Acro
  • Elite Acro
  • Tiny Tumbling
  • Tumbling

C O M F O R T A B L E  C L O T H I N G

Any comfortable clothing that can easily be moved around in, no jeans.  FOR HIP-HOP: all black sneakers or Hip-Hop Sneakers.  FOR CHEER: tennis shoes.

  • Hip-Hoppers
  • Hip-Hop
  • Boy’s Hip Hop
  • Boy’s Hip-Hoppers
  • Elite Hip-Hop
  • Tiny Cheer
  • Cheer Basics
  • Cheer 101
  • Cheer III.
  • Pre-Flight
  • Full Flight
  • Musical Theatre
  • Line Dancing

Hair & Jewelry
Hair must always be pulled away from the dancer's face. Girls must wear their hair in a ponytail, or pulled back with a headband if their hair isn't long enough. Dancers should wear little to no jewelry.

Where to Purchase

Dance and gymnastics clothing items can be purchased online, at Target or Once Upon a Child in Casper.  During the first week of classes any students needing dance or acro shoes will be sized, orders are placed on Friday.

Feel free to reach out to the studio if you have any questions about our dress code or need assistance.


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