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Class Descriptions

At Jill's Dance Studio we offer a variety of classes for the entire school year as well as an exciting summer program. Descriptions of our classes can be found below. For information on our Summer 2021 Camps and Classes, please visit our Class Schedule page.

If you have any questions, or need class placement assistance for your child, please contact the studio and we'll be happy to help!


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Tiny Acro | Acro

Ages 2 - 17
Learn the basics or work on advancing your skills in this flexible Acro class! Acro is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class. You will be guided towards increased flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration.

Classes will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique, teaching such skills as handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, and balance and contortion trick, all each student's individual level of experience. And it's fun, too!​

•  Tiny Acro is open to ages 3 - 5 (there are two spots available for 2-year-olds))
•  Intermediate Acro is open to ages 6 - 9
•  Advanced Acro is open to ages 10 - 17


Baby Ballet | Ballet | Pre-Pointe | Pointe

Ages 2 - 18
These 1-hour classes help students to develop grace, musicality, and elegant lines as they learn ballet technique and terminology. We draw from traditional and contemporary methodologies focusing on anatomically sound principals and the joy of moving. This class provides a strong foundation for continued training in ballet and other forms of dance.

•  Baby Ballet is open to ages 3 - 5 (there are two spots available for 2-year-olds)
•  Ballet I is open to ages 6 - 7
•  Ballet II is open to ages 8 - 9
•  Ballet III is open to ages 10 - 17
•  Pre-Pointe is available for ages 10+ (by invitation only)
•  Pointe is available for ages 12+ (by invitation only)



Ages 10+
Ever want to learn to do the Tango? How about the Foxtrot? The Salsa? If so, this is the class for you. Students will learn a new dance style each week. Put on those dancing shoes and come on in for a blast!

Typical attire for this class is anything comfortable; you may wear whatever you might wear out on the town or just your comfy cozy clothes! We suggest that you wear the type of shoes you would wear out dancing at night!

•  Ballroom is open to students 10 - 17 and adults seasonally


Tiny Cheer | Cheer | Elite Cheer

Ages 2 - 17
The 1-hour cheer class teaches arm movements, jumps, chants, stunts and choreography. Upper-level classes will do tumbling. Cheer is also great for building lasting friendships and learning how to work together as a team.

•  Tiny Cheer is open to ages 3 - 5 (there are two spots available for 2-year-olds)
•  Cheer is open to ages 6 - 9
•  Elite Cheer is open to ages 10 - 17


Country Swing

Ages 10+
This hour-long class will cover the basic two steps as well as swing dance transitions, spins, and dips. Students will be able to dance at social events and local dancing establishments with ease at the conclusion of the class. This will be a very relaxed setting with lots of one-on-one instruction. Partners are required for the class.

•  Country Swing is open to students 10 - 17 and adults seasonally


Dance Company

Ages 10 - 17 | By Invitation Only
This is an advanced team also known as The Douglas Dolls. Dancers will learn all styles of dance with the exception of ballet. Dance Company will perform at different events within the community. Students will also be expected to do volunteer work and participate in extra fundraisers for performing costumes and competition fees. Ballet and technique class is also required.


Hip Hoppers | Hip Hop | Elite Hip Hop

Ages 2 - 17
Hip Hop is a fast-moving class consisting of strengthening, cardio, and the latest dance moves. With the integration of R & B, street jazz, and different styles of hip-hop, this class is a fun and energetic experience that is geared toward all age levels.

•  Hip Hoppers is open to ages 3 - 5 (two 2-year-old spots)
•  Hip Hop is open to ages 6 - 9
•  Elite Hip Hop is open to ages 10 - 17



Ages 6+
Hula is a traditional dance of the Hawaiian Islands. It is performed to songs or chants known as miles. The dance then serves to illustrate or complement the lyrics of the mele. This class will be focusing on Hula auana which refers to a more modern form of hula dance.

•  Hula is open to students ages 6+
•  Adult Hula classes are also available


Mommy & Me

Ages 9 months - 2 years
At Jill’s Dance Studio, we strive to create a magical place where children love to dance. This dance-based, creative movement-time where children build confidence with their participating adult...Mom, Dad, Grandma, Auntie.

With loving support and encouragement, toddlers will flourish. This is accomplished through the clever use of props, story-telling and music.​​​​ This is the perfect class for children under 2 or those who are not yet comfortable in our other preschool dance classes.


Musical Theatre

Ages 6 - 9
A very fun and popular class for the dancer who loves to be on stage. We use Broadway-themed songs along with plays and concepts as you see on Broadway or local theaters. Inspiration comes from plays such as West Side Story, Cats, Hair Spray, In the Heights, etc.

Our Musical Theatre class is a fantastic way to feel like you are in the theater while learning how to sing and dance. Jazz technique, stylization, expression is also taught in this class.


Little Showstoppers | Showstoppers

Ages 2 - 9
This class offers technique in Hip Hop and Jazz. The fast-moving class consists of strengthening, cardio and the latest dance moves. With the integration of R & B, street jazz and different styles of hip hop, this class is a fun and energetic experience that is geared toward all age levels. Dancers will learn the basic steps of jazz dance with turns, kicks, and leap steps along with popular simple rhythm techniques and fun expression. This fast-paced class is sure to please, as well as offer several of the most popular styles of dance for this age group.

•  Little Showstoppers is open to ages 3 - 5 (two 2-year-old spots)
•  Showstoppers is open to ages 6 - 9



Ages 9 - 12
This invitation-only class is for dancers that are aspiring Company dancers or don't want the commitment of Company. All styles of dance are taught with the exception of ballet.


Broadway Babes | Tap

Ages 2 - 17
Tap is a style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork and rhythms. Our tap classes stress the basics of tap while also teaching musicality and rhythm.

•  Broadway Babes is open to ages 3 - 5 (two 2-year-old spots)
•  Tap is open to ages 6 - 9 and 10 - 17


Technique & Flexibility

Ages 6 - 9 and 10 - 17
Our Technique and Flexibility class focuses on the dancer's fundamentals using the barre as well as center work. Dancers will improve their technique for turns, leaps and jumps while becoming a more all-around better dancer.

The class will also focus on the complete “dancers' workout” while emphasizing techniques for a stronger and more flexible dancer. The dancers will use stretching techniques, core exercises and muscle building exercises to improve stamina, leaps, and turns.


Tiny Tumbling | Tumbling

Ages 2 - 17
Our Tiny Tumblers class teaches basic gymnastics skills while developing hand-eye coordination, building strength, developing flexibility, strength, and better balance. Children also practice social skills such as working with a group, waiting your turn, listening and following directions. Beginning Tumbling introduces students to tumbling and teaches the basic skills, from forward to backward rolls up to back handsprings. In Intermediate Tumbling, students learn all of the techniques from beginning tumbling. Once those techniques are mastered, they will perfect their back handsprings, and learn aerials and standing tucks.

•  Tiny Tumblers is open to ages 3 - 5 (plus two 2-year-old slots)
•  Beginning Tumbling is open to ages 6 - 9
•  Intermediate Tumbling is open to ages 10 - 17


Twinkle Stars

Ages 2 - 5
This class is filled with technique in jazz and ballet that is specifically designed for ages 3 - 5 (there's room for two 2-year-olds).  Students will enjoy this structured class that promotes proper technique, choreography, and social skills.